Feedback From The Most Awesome Users

You are the proud owner of one of WTFJeans models and you want to share that with us?
We’ll be happy to publish your experiences! Send us your feedback on testimonials [at] wtfjeans [dot] com – if it’s fun or entertaining and we publish it here, and you’ll have our eternal appreciation.


I loved WTFJeans V1 to the extent where my friends wanted to do an intervention. And I did not stop, mainly because being a geek had never been such a comfortable (balls-friendly) experience.


I see on pictures of V2 that the seams are yellow and I think it’s better than the V1’s light blue. Pockets are great. The overall is very comfortable and really cool. Can’t wait to have my new WTFJeans V2 🙂


I was wearing my betas only in special occasions, to make them last longer. I was soooo happy to hear there will be a V2! My heroic betas are going to a well deserved retirement. My complete WTFJeans BETA review.


I love my WTFJeans. They are ironically my best fitting pair of jeans that I own for me and my iPhone!


I proudly wore my beta WTFJeans untill they were totally worn out. Then I got me another two pairs.


The only problem that I have with WTFJeans is that I didn’t buy two pairs. Luckily, I will be able to do that now.


I purchased a pair of V1, the quality was fantastic and the design was a marked departure from almost all other jeans available at the time. They were comfortable, practical and importantly – different – from other options. And they ‘worked’ too!


I didn’t think I actually needed some iPhone friendly jeans, but looking at what you can buy in shops today, I’m glad I got my pair of WTF Jeans.


I am an happy french owner of WTFJeans V1. When I wear it, all of my friends ask me to know where I have bought it 😉 Hope that V2 could accept iPhone 5. I have now an iPhone V4, but perhaps when the V2 will be available, Pedja put an iPhone 5 in one of the pocket of my V2 wtf jean ;-)) Merci beaucoup Pedja!


What I love about my WTFJeans is that they are everything they were promised to be! One of my favorite features is the lining in the pockets that cleans the fingerprints off the face of my iPhone. The sizing is great (so easy to go off of measurements of the name synonymous with denim). And the blue stitching is a great bit of flair. Plus my wife really thinks they’re cool


I bought a pair of v1 jeans and loved them! They were my favorite pair of jeans, and I LOVE the pockets. My phone always gets a fresh screen wipe every time it goes in and out of my pockets! I’ve said it several times already but it needs one more: I AM SO STOKED TO GET A NEW PAIR OF WTFJEANS! Thank you for putting them back into production!


Just like iPhone, WTFJeans has become an essential part of my geek identity, and given that I suffer from OCD and can’t stand a dirty screen of my mobile phone, pocket that cleans iPhone has proven to be ideal for me 🙂 We’re looking forward to the new line of jeans and other fashion accessories WTFJeans.