The Story behind WTFJeans...

WTFJeans was born from the need of a few geeks to have easy access to their iPhone while sitting down. But the story continues in that we accidentally discovered an amazing feature: the pocket cleans the touchscreen of the iPhone 😉 [wtf]

WTFJeans adventure thus started in December 2009.

We only intended to make a few jeans, but then our friends wanted a pair. No big deal, so we made them. Then their friends, and their friends, and so on, so we decided to make a web shop and offer WTFJeans to anyone who wants them.

The first “big idea” was basically a pocket attached to the front leg of the jeans – the WTFPocket™ … which uses an exceptionally soft microfiber, and it turned out that it “rubs” the screen, cleaning it “automatically” because microfiber cleans on the micro-scale, wiping off oily fingerprints and smudges instead of just moving them around, like normal fabric does (it also removes 3x more bacteria than conventional fabrics).

Maybe it’s our geek nature, but we’ve never been one to stop innovating and optimizing, so together with our new team, we’ve added EMF-radiation shielding, and nanotech fabric protection for the most recent model, the V3.

The WTFJeans team!


Born on the beautiful Croatian coast, Hrvoje enjoys spending time with his wife and son, with whom he works also. Hrvoje brings his wild and inspiring visions to the WTFJeans team, along with a beautiful office, complete with cheeses, wines, whisky, cigars, and of course hanging smoked meats. This is Croatia after all, and this is WTFJeans. 😉


Born in northern Croatia, Kruno came to Zagreb to graduate in textile technologies and design. He is our designer extraordinaire, and when not designing jeans, shirts, shorts, bags, jackets or attending a fashion show, Kruno is skateboarding, surfing and travelling around the world drinking Champagne and sampling local cuisines. He thinks cheesecake should be it’s own food group.


Đulijano is currently holding the position of CTO at WTFJeans. An expert at search engine optimization and head of development for the new website and smoother database, Đulijano is known as a warm and positive person. He bought his first computer in 1983. and since than he has been involved with computers, programming and gadgets.


Dražen is the programmer at WTFJeans. With experience in search engine technology and penchant for adapting to new situations, Dražen is key to WTFJeans’ technical prowess. Born and still living on the Croatian coast…he is addicted to the sea, travelling, food and wine, and above all – he is a devoted father and husband.


Drago writes most of what you see around here, and does most of the talking on the phone & Skype. Born in Canada, he came here to help you with anything WTFJeans related. Happy to chat with you about life, the universe and everything in his spare time. He loves swimming, travelling, and is trying to finsh reading the internet.

The V1

The first model launched in March 2009. and we called it the V1, with a limited amount of only 100 pairs. Since it was our first time making jeans, we did not know what to expect. Because of that, the first 100 pairs were labelled “BETA” and we impatiently waited feedback from our first costumers. 🙂

Our first customers were mostly our friends and they gave us a lot of encouraging words. After a few minor adjustments, (we switched from a low-cut hip to a mid-cut, no more plumbers crack!) V1 was out and the entire world went crazy. We were a Trending Topic on Twitter and everyone wanted to own a pair of WTFJeans!

Even the media began writing about us all over the world and we became swamped with orders. Then we had the famous “PayPal incident,” which became one of the main reasons why we took a pause for the two years. It took a lot of effort to try to overcome the problems with cash flow but we did not succeed. We were forced to put the project on stand-by but eventually, we managed to pull though that and…

Introduced the V2!

We kept the same features, streamlined the design, adjusted the fit bit more (it was great, but there’s always room for some kind of improvement), and adjusted the pocket size for the new iPhone 5. It was pre-Dropbox era, so it still had a USB pocket also

There was just one catch: we committed to making only 2GB (2048 pairs) of WTFJeans v2!

Again, the media went wild, and we were written about by respected publications like Time, Mashable, and Techcrunch.

Today, we are coming back and stronger than ever, and we are…

Introduced the V3!

This takes not only our company, but we believe, jeans themselves to a whole new level.

We’ve kept the comfort and fit you’ve come to expect from WTFJeans, kept that cool WTFPocket™ that launched the company of course, (see size guide for WTFPocket dimensions), added pockets for your hands, (dropped the USB pocket) and now we’ve added 2 amazing new features:

Anti-stain, Anti-liquid, Nanotechnology coating!

While it only lasts around 1 year of regular use and careful washing, this interesting new feature allows you to accidentally spill a small amount of the liquid of your choice and not worry about the consequences – it will just roll off!

We have tested it with water, coca cola, coffee, wine, beer, whisky (see a trend here?) and even oil!

How slick is that?



We made a WTFShield for each smartphone pocket from a very thin, copper-based fabric sourced from a German company that is significantly efficient in reflecting the EMF radiation from cell phones.

A piece the size of your iPhone has been sealed in a plastic pouch, and if you wish to use it, you can just place the sheild into a special pocket from the inner side of the jeans, which holds it between you and the phone.

Normal operation of your smartphone is not noticably affected.

Last and yet foremost:


Underlying all three versions is our commitment to the highest possible quality.

Our desire is that every pair of jeans is remarkable and last for years. We want jeans you will enjoy… every time you put them on.

With this is mind, and being led by the ethical code, we focused on (and continue to focus on) the highest quality to start with, and have dedicated our systems and thoughts toward constant and never ending improvements.

For our production facility, we chose a family owned company named “Breeches“ in Europe, which has existed for over 85 years

We chose the highest quality, 10.5 oz. denim, which is made out of 100% cotton from Egypt, so you can wear these jeans through all seasons

Every pair of WTFJeans is made of 25 pieces of denim, using 390 yards of heavy-duty threads (60% polyester, 40% cotton

Washing is an important consideration, so WTFJeans are treated with an Enzyme Wash to provide extra softness and comfort.

During the manufacturing process, every pair of WTFJeans is checked in detail several times at several stages to ensure 100% of the expected quality is reached, and we are always looking to improve everything. When there’s nothing left we can think of to improve the quality, we try to make things work more artistically. That’s how fanatical we are about quality.


We would like to thank all of our friends for their support, regardless if they are our “offline” friends or online friends 🙂