Announcing WTFJeans V3 – Quality Smart Clothing

It’s a few weeks until we launch what are the most advanced pair of jeans available, ever.

Big claim from a tiny company, but you know us. We care about making the best jeans possible.
We completely redesigned WTFJeans V2, inside and out.

We took 5 months to go over every little detail with our designer and manufacturers, and we improved the bigger details, like:

  • The wtfPocket (the feature that started the whole story) is inside the jeans now, so that they look better, and we put them lower on the thigh so that it’s even easier to get your iPhone in and out.
  • We’ve abandoned the “USB pocket feature”, because we all use the cloud now, and we’ve added pockets for your hands.

We even improved the little details, like choosing an original design with orange thread and a wild stitching pattern for the internal parts of the jeans, matching orange print, using a different colored thread on the outside of the jeans, and even making a custom branded set of buttons, with a wide concave top button to make it even easier to grab and put your jeans on, and to take them off quickly.

The micro-fiber cloth we chose to snuggle, protect, and clean those fingerprints off your iPhone is still there, and we added a few other features, like making the belt loop in the back into a “V” with a little “3” beside it, and a poromeric leather rear tab…

Aside from these changes, we’ve got 2 seriously big, new, exciting features to announce. Just give us some time to get some photographs and videos of them 😉