WTFPockets and WTFShield™ – EMF Radiation Shielding

We’ve had a ton of questions come in about the WTFPocket and its features, particularly the EMF radiation shielding.

Hopefully, this post will straighten some of that out.

There are hundreds of smaller studies that indicate EMF radiation causes everything from DNA strand breaking and sperm immobility to cancer, and other large studies that say there is no evidence supporting these findings.

Rather than debating who’s right and who isn’t, here’s an article on CNN that will help you start to dig deeper and draw your own conclusions. And for good measure, one from the US National Cancer Institute.

We prefer to limit our exposure to EMF radiation, and we’ll leave our discussions about it to that, because we are not experts in this field.

We found an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company that produces a fabric made of a very thin copper mesh that blocks more than 99.99998% of cell-phone radiation, and was used for medical and military purposes.

We ordered some and of course, wrapped our phones in it to see if they would still work. They didn’t. That was good enough proof to us.

We couldn’t cover the whole inside or outside of the pocket in this fabric, or else your phones wouldn’t work at all, so instead, we cut rectangles of this material into the shape of the smartphone, and then sealed it in a comfortable plastic pouch and called it the WTFShield™.

We needed to make sure this shield was held securely in place between the smartphone and the body, so it provided the maximum possible protection to the body tissues which were absorbing the most radiation, while still being comfortable and not interfering with the awesome easy in&out functionality the WTFPocket provides, so we built a receptacle for it onto the back of the WTFPocket, underneath the innerside of the hands pocket. That’s confusing, so here’s pics.

Now if you lift up one of those “hands” pockets… you will see…

The WTFPocket!

The WTFPocket is made out of that uber-comfy microfiber, and that green/grey piece of fabric sewn on the back is what holds in the radiation shield…


So the shield is not in, but behind the WTFPocket, between your phone and your leg, and even would protect your hand if your hand was in the hands pocket.

The hands pocket prevents the WTFPocket and shield from ever touching your leg, so you never feel it – it’s super comfortable and unnoticeable.

EMF radiation acts like a wave, and so the front and side parts of the phone (not covered by the WTFShield™) still broadcast EMF waves as normal, and some of these waves will still go through your leg and body, but more are directed outwards.

We found as soon as we opened this copper fabric we wrapped our phones in, even just a tiny bit to take a picture, it would regain signal again. EMF waves are this way – they are very sneaky 😉

So normal cell phone operation is not noticeably affected.

It makes us feel better to have them in our jeans. How you feel about it is up to you.

Hope that helps!