WTFShirt: Shirt With Specially Designed Smartphone Pockets

Voila, after two months, we are done working on out WTFShirt and it’s ready for production. This time around, we will need your help with the launch. We decided to use Indiegogo to launch the first batch of WTFShirt. To thank you for your help with the launch, we made several Pearks that might be interesting to you.


As we announced earlier, WTFShirt will have two pockets in the front, specially designed for smartphones. They will be iPhone 5 compatible, but any smartphone up to 4.87″ x 2.31″ x 0.30″ will fit perfectly. On the inside of the pockets there will be a little gap adjusted for a headphone cable and the holder inside the collar will serve to hold it.

The cool thing about this shirt lies in the bottom right corner of the shirt. It is a small cloth, hidden on the inner side, which is perfect for cleaning smartphone screens and glass.

WTFShirt will be available in four sizes. You can check our detailed Size Guide on the campaign site and find the size that fits you the best.


Since we are going to launch WTFShirt regardless of the outcome of the campaign, we chose Flexible Funding, and the campaign will last until March 18, 2013. All WTFShirt orders on Indiegogo will be shipped April 5, 2013, and after that the shirt will be available for sale on our website.

If you think that our idea is a cool idea and want to support us, you can show your support on our campaign site, but also by sharing it on Twitter and Facebook 😉

Thank you very much in advance.